Pillow for meditation

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Pillow for meditation is stuffed with flakes of einkorn, spelled and millet.



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Make your own Pillow for meditation during the announced events that are open to everybody! (click here) or contact us!

Our Pillow for meditation is a product of the beautiful reality created and maintained by every member of our community. You can also help this initiative for a new way of living based on eco-ethical principals. Our main idea is to put our personal care in every little detail and, as real humans, to stay behind and back up its quality. Everyone who is curious about seeing in person how we make all this happen, is welcome in our gallery-house where you can get involved in the creation process and see the world through our eyes.

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The pillow is made manually, using natural materias. The stuffing is spelled flakes, manually cleaned from dust. There is a possibility to add herbs of your choice via zip on the underside of the cover.
Pillow with two pillowcases for ease of washing the exterior.


The pillow is made manually, using natural materials. The stuffing is spelled flakes, manually cleaned from the dust. There is a possibility to add herbs of your choice via zipper on one side of the cover.


Our pillows …with lavender because the smell of lavender…

–Takes away the tension of mental fatigue

–Prevents irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, palpitation

–Alleviates the symptoms of menopause

–Prevents insomnia caused by nervosa

–Helps reduce the blood pressure

–Prevents fluid vetention in the body and keeps from cystitis, obesity, cellulite, varicose veins, hemorrhoids

–Eases breathing in runny and stuffy nose

–Repels ticks, insects, moths


Our aromatic pillow for you:

–we deloused them

–we dedusted them

–we processed them with silver water

–we manually filled them with hay

–we added lavender into them

–we dressed them with 100% pure cotton

–we wrapped them with hemp

–we added a lot of Love

–we made lots of tests of their qualities

–we recommend themJ







The pillows are known from ancient times is Asia, they were used by wealthier social classes. They were brought from there first in Egypt and later in Europe and they quickly became an inseparable part of every home. The great variety of combinations of texture and shapes sent   the craft with slow steps into the world of arts.




We know that one-third of a person’s life passes in sleep so we started to think about what we are surrounded by in this mystical moment. The idea to be as close to Nature as possible, the “”Aromatni…”” pillows carry you in a dreamland accompanied by the scent of hay and lavender irrespective of the place or your lifestyle. A secret that links us with the harmony of Nature is presented to us wrapped in a pillow from natural cotton and hemp.

We wish you pleasant and fragrant aromatic dreams.

We produce and accept any suggestions for size, colours and fabrics. The filling of hay and herbs, and the process of making are preserved.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 10 cm


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