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About us … Stepping on the meaning of the words composing our name, we decided to start organising different types of events – workshops, seminars, lectures, trainings, exhibitions, music gigs and many more. The goal of the initiative is to spread and share our knowledge about life which can enrich anybody on the world. Following our ideals, we have formed a community of people willing to live and create, earning a living of our home-made products. During the past few years we visited many places around the world. We saw communities living in peace, closer to nature. A lot of people started organising and participating in various festivals around the world. All these events made the participants and guests of the festivals understand that they are not alone and have many think-alikes. Little by little these eco-ethical relations became part of many people’s lives. Nowadays there are many places where young people get together to create and discuss ideas. These are people defining themselves not by religion, race or social status. These are equal people respecting one another and learning profoundly the meaning of the phrase “a human being”. Bearing in mind the common modern way of life, which is responsible for disconnecting the different generations who carry the knowledge legacy, we decided to shoot and show some things you can make every day. The shared area is a place for work, fun, creation, inspiration and education; a meeting point for non-profit organisations and artists; a place for meetings, discussions, development of ideas and project presentations, team-buildings and group events; workshops for kids and adults, festivals, professional forums and conferences, and various music, game, literature and cinema nights; also international art exchanges with students and artists. Everybody is welcome to learn something new or to share their experience. For the time being, we have accommodation for 9 to 11 people and 3-4 rooms which we renovate all the time. The house and its rooms are in fact our exhibition room where you can see a great deal of our creations. We are registered in several digital platforms for hospitality services and this is how a lot of people from different countries find out about us.

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