“Meditation of the Twin Hearts” with Magdalena Gereva January 18, 2016


It is true that every person seeks subconsciously tranquility and inner peace. It is true that we do not always understand the mechanisms causing the negativity in words and actions. Many dysfunctional emotions or intrusive negative thoughts can be overcome in a relatively short period of time. With regular practice of Meditation of Twin Hearts ,we need only a few weeks to achieve the desired inner peace and silence.

Through Meditation of Twin hearts we send positive energy to all those who need it and we maintain a stable positive inner attitude at the same time. Thus the real messages about health, happiness, love, abundance and prosperity automatically return to the meditator.

The intensive impact on the group practice helps to correct the imbalance in our subtle bodies, clearing polluted, diseased or blocked energy. Over the time, our health and immunity improves significantly . The practitioner becomes more magnetic and successful as in a state of immobility to energize all potential abilities and talents.

With regular practice of meditation hearts of twins increases your Antakarana. Through it you connect with the higher self and achieve internal integrity of a higher order.

The Meditation is very affordable, easy to implement and culturally tolerant. It is practiced by thousands of people around the world.

Entrance: free

Host: Eco and Ethic


Magdalena Gereva e psychologist and holistic therapist leading individual and group sessions, lectures, seminars, workshops and meditations.

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